Motorstep Standard & Motorstep High Lift

Your Step to Freedom! The Motorstep Standard & Motorstep High Lift is designed to assist people who have difficulty in negotiating a step up or down.


The Motorstep Standard & Motorstep High Lift is a self supporting lifting platform & can be placed next to hard to reach steps.

It has easy push button controls to make lifting to step level easy & safe.

Motorstep is a 12volt machine, supplied with all necessary equipment ready to connect to your caravan or motorhomes leisure battery and also comes with a transformer for use in your home.

Once connected Motorstep easily unplugs and folds up for storage while you move to another location. It is fitted with wheels to easily help you roll it into place, whilst the security eyebolt stops theft and the removable master key stop unwanted use. Fitted safety edges automatically stops descent if an object is under the platform, stopping potential trapping.

Motorstep is an affordable, user friendly lifting platform that’s changing people’s lives in the home, caravan and motorhome, giving you access to hard to reach areas and lets you continue doing the activities you love!

The Motorstep will lift from ground level and gently rise to a maximum height of 60cms, carrying up to 125kg.


Motorstep MS600 Specifications

Lift Heightup to 24″ (600 mm)Overall Height of Device1200 mm
Overall weight of Device24 kgCapacity125 kg (Options to exceed to 160 kg)
Max Width455 mmDepth when platform down655 mm
Depth when platform up & in travel position200 mmBattery12 Volt DC-Fused @ 20 AMP
Connection Cable6 metres

Motorstep MS800 Specifications

Lift Heightup to 32″ (800 mm)Overall Height of Device1350 mm
Overall Weight of Device26 kgCapacity125 kg
Max Width455 mmDepth when platform down655 mm
Depth when platform up & in travel position200 mmPlatform Size350×450 mm
BatteryRemovable 24v lithium ion battery pack 3.5kg (battery charger included)


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We have a frame warranty of two years, and all the parts have a one year warranty, that includes batteries and accessories.

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