The Importance of Mobility Scooters for Independence

Being unable to get around can really make life difficult, which is why Big Mike’s Scooters aim to make anyone mobile again. Mobility scooters in Townsville have many benefits for their users and can transform an otherwise dependent lifestyle by helping people get out and about on their own. We offer a wide range of mobility scooters for you to choose from. Here are all the great reasons you need one.


Having to rely on others if you can’t get around causes a lot of frustration and waiting around. When you have a mobility scooter, you are freer to live your life without assistance. You can use yours to shop, spend time at the park, visit friends or run errands close to home. With your mobility scooter, you can navigate the shops, throughout your neighbourhood and other locations on your own, giving you a much more independent lifestyle.

Reduce the Risk of Falls

If you have a disability or injury, your risk of falling is higher than the average person. This risk goes even higher if you’re trying to stand or walk without help. Using a mobility scooter helps you get around and keeps you from falling and sustaining a severe injury. You’ll be able to be up and about for more extended periods without the risk of falling, which makes a mobility scooter something to discuss with your doctor right away.

Faster Healing

If you’re recovering from an injury or medical procedure, the process is faster when you have a mobility scooter. That’s because you can stay mobile without placing stress on the injured area. Being on a mobility scooter means that you won’t be straining your muscles or joints, allowing you to recover and get back on your feet sooner. 

Saves Energy

As you age, your body simply can’t do as much as it once could. Using a mobility scooter lets, you continue your active lifestyle without wearing you out or causing an injury. If you have a condition that leads to weak muscles or you need oxygen daily, a mobility scooter is something to consider.

A mobility scooter has many advantages and can help enhance your health and happiness overlay. It’s a lifestyle choice. Call Big Mike’s Scooters to discuss your options and find your perfect mobility scooter today!