At Big Mike’s we provide customisation and modifications for your mobility scooter or mobility aid to meet your needs. We aim to make mobility scooters available for all people regardless of your social, financial, or upbringing in life, to bring back the freedom of mobility and independence that is lost with time and/or disabilities.

However, sometimes a standard mobility scooter or mobility aid is not suitable to meet a customer’s needs.


Our full-service workshop can provide customisation of your mobility scooter or mobility aid to make it suitable to meet your needs. In other words, no matter your abilities or disabilities we will endeavour to provide a solution to help you enjoy your freedom and independence again.

For instance, some of the modifications we have made include lengthening a scooter to provide room for a customer wearing medical controlled ankle motion boots (moon boots). Another modification was for a customer who needed modified driving levers. So, we customised the mobility scooter with a different control device.

If you need customisation for your mobility scooter or mobility aid or are unsure if there is a solution to meet your needs give us a call.

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