Report an accessibility problem


We want you to be able to access all your favourite locations on your mobility scooter. We actively work with local communities and relevant authorities to support accessibility in your local community. We can all work together to support accessibility throughout North Queensland.

If you come across a problem accessing a location on your mobility scooter you can report the problem to your local council through Snap Send Solve. This application and online reporting platform enables easy reporting of a problem for your council to address. Just upload a photo, enter the location of the problem, identify the type of incident and enter your details.

Some of the types of incidents that can be reported include:

  • Damaged road
  • Facility
  • Fallen tree
  • General request
  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Parking – disabled
  • Parking – illegal
  • Pavement – damaged
  • Pavement – general
  • Pothole
  • Public toilet
  • Road blockage
Report an accessibility problem
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