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Mobility Scooter Accessories

Accessories are a great way to give your scooter a bit more functionality.


All our mobility scooters come with a free basket on the front and a free safety flag on the back. If you’d like to extend the features, check out our quality mobility scooter accessories below.

Our awning is very popular in the summer months. It’s extra-wide, giving you the extra protection required on those sunny days.

The biggest seller is the rear bag, designed to take a large load of groceries. It’s a great addition to the free basket on the front.

We have two different walking stick holders, a neat “clip-on version” and the “cylinder version”. Depending on the type of stick you have will depend on the best one for you.

At our free scooter demonstration, we’ll show you all our accessories so you can get the most out of your scooter.

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