Our locally award-winning “Wise Monkey” coffee is perfect for you to help enjoy and take in the whole “Big Mike’s” experience.

What a better way to relax and take your time to look over and discuss your new mobility or disability goods.

Wise Monkey coffee is an award-winning locally roasted coffee here in Townsville, its smooth refreshing taste creates the perfect cup every time for you to enjoy.

From a flat white to a perfect latte we have them all just for you at our Big Mikes Joylicious Cafe


Start your afternoon with a refreshing Bubble Tea.

  • popping peals
  • fruit flavors
  • milk teas
  • tapioca
  • mocha

For the perfect bubble tea that is refreshing and very enjoyable “Joylicious Cafe” is the only place to come.


The perfect Hot Chocolate

Our premium brand hot chocolate is perfect when you want something hot refreshing, not too sweet and not too rich.

If you what whipped cream and topped with a glazed cherry our hot chocolates are the perfect blend for you, or if you just want a yummy delicious hot chocolate with no-frills you can’t go past a Joylicious hot chocolate.


For that something different you can’t go past out Joylicious specialty “HALO HALO”

Halo Halo is Filipino for mix mix and that is just what you do with a Halo-Halo – mix mix it up.

The perfect Filipino refreshment/desert is a refreshingly delightful experience that should not be missed.

Made with a combination of freshly made ingredients to a traditional Filipino recipe just waiting to be enjoyed.


How about a nice cold drink

We have a great range of ice-cold drinks just waiting for you here at out Big Mikes Joylicious Cafe


Love your tea, we have a great range to choose from to enjoy that perfect cuppa you can’t go past Joylicious Cafe