Frequently Asked Questions


When looking for a mobility scooter for sale, it can be overwhelming. It’s certainly the best way to reclaiming your independence and freedom, enabling you to keep connected in the community.

We understand that you have many questions, so we’ve answered most of the frequently asked questions below. If you have more, please contact us via email, or just call on 07 4427 5622.

Frequently Asked Questions

We keep our overheads down and are a family owned business, our retail stores are clean, well-stocked and equipped but we don’t have any fancy dressed up sales gimmicks, so the savings are passed down to you. We are not a multi-national company having to make profits for shareholders.

Certainly can! Just contact us to schedule a convenient time for your free, no obligation demonstration. We’ll show you the proper way to drive, brake, steer, turn and more. When the time is right, you can call us anytime in the future and we’ll visit again at no cost.

Yes! If you live in or around Townsville, Ayr, Bowen, Mackay or Rockhampton, we’ll personally deliver your new mobility scooter right to your door. We want you to feel completely safe and secure, so we’ll also provide you with free training by showing you how to navigate around your local area.

Generally, a smaller person would suit a small or medium scooter, and a larger person would suit a large or deluxe scooter. If you’re planning to travel more than a few kilometres from home, then a larger scooter is the best option. If you need something more mobile, perhaps a portable mobility scooter is what you’re after. When we visit for your free demonstration, we’ll trial a few models to find the right one for you.

Yes. Our stores carry most parts and access additional supplies in Melbourne. Our direct relationship to the manufacturer means we have full access to more parts and specialists if required.

We have an extensive list of accessories. Our most popular items are the rear bags, awnings and walking stick holders. We have everything you need to customize your scooter to fit your lifestyle. If we don’t have it, we can make it for you.

We have a two-year warranty on the mobility scooter frame and one year for everything else. That covers batteries, chargers and all accessories. The parts are free of charge, and the labour is free of charge. This is the reason why so many people purchase new electric mobility scooters.

No, you don’t need a license. But we want you to feel completely safe and at ease with driving your new scooter, which is why we offer free, hands-on training to help you get acquainted with manoeuvring it in and around your local area.

Yes, you’ll need to register your mobility scooter with Queensland Transport. It’s free and in return you’ll receive 3rd party protection insurance. To make it even easier, we’ll fill out the forms for you.

We are very flexible when it comes to payment of your new scooter. The most popular payment methods are personal cheques on the day or an electronic bank transfer in the following couple of days. We certainly accept cash and credit card is an option if you don’t mind paying a 2% fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s possible to pay with instalments. You’ll just need a 50% deposit then the remaining amount can be paid in 12 payments. There are no interest charges, no admin fees, nothing.

Our batteries are larger than our competitors, giving the scooter more range than you’ll ever need in one day. Our portable mobility scooter can travel 20km, that’s great for a compact scooter. The small scooters can travel 30kms and medium scooters 40kms on one charge. Our large scooter can travel 50kms and deluxe scooter 60kms, that’s a long way between charges.

We recommend charging it after the green lights have gone out, whilst the orange and red lights are still visible. If charged regularly, the batteries in our mobility scooters can last up to three years. The need to charge them will depend on how far you go and how often you use your mobility scooter.

If you want your scooter to last a lifetime, make sure it’s serviced regularly. We recommend an annual service so we can check the batteries, motor, brakes and wheel bearings. Fortunately, our mobile workshop can come to you and service your mobility scooter on the spot, it’s all included in the service.

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