HY5 Walker – The 5-in-1 Mobility Aid

HY5 is a unique NEW product helping individuals remain independent and safe at home. As we age, we need help with basic tasks. HY5 is the only device that offers the all-in-onefunctionality that you need. HY5 walker is your walker, rollator, your shower or tub chair, your toilet chair or raised seat, yourbedside commode and your portable travel chair.

Shower Buddy Dignity

The ShowerBuddy shower transfer system will turn your existing bathroom into an accessible bathroom that allows you to enjoy showering again without the excessive cost, delays and stress of a full bathroom remodel. With only one transfer, you can once again enjoy a shower in your own bathroom. The ShowerBuddy alleviates heavy lifting for family members and caregivers by eliminating multiple transfers during toileting and showering. This unique internationally patented shower transfer system allows the user to toilet and shower in one easy trip.

Tub Buddy Dignity

The bath transfer system f rom Showerbuddy is designed to allow a user to be safely transferred by a caregiver over a bathtub to shower without costly bathroom remodeling. The TubBuddy eliminates unnecessary transfers between toileting and bathing making it comfortable for both user and caregiver, while reducing costs and contributing to good user hygiene

Custom Made Wheelchair Cushions

Our in-house custom made cushions are the perfect alternative to run of the mill standard cushions. Our cushions are made to fit you the user individually fitted and designed just for you. The best way to assist in relieving pressure sores and points is to have your cushion custom made and fitted for you. Here at Big Mike’s, we are happy to provide you with the best custom made cushion in Queensland. We measure you up and discuss with you all the different options to ensure you get the best cushion made just for you. And the best thing is most times it will be cheaper than some of the off the shelf cushions you may have used in the past.

Daily Living Aids

For all your daily living aids give Big Mike’s a call. For quality items that are realistically priced you need to see Big Mike’s. We can assist you in all your needs and if we don’t have it in stock in the shop just ask as we can get it for you. We provide real service, real quality products, and all with the Big Mike’s quality service.