Free Buyers Checklist


We know how confusing it can be when purchasing a mobility scooter. There are so many features, sizes and varying prices. That’s why we created this free buyer’s checklist.

Before you buy, review this list so you see what’s important when looking for a mobility scooter for sale. You can purchase the right scooter at the right price if you follow this free buyer’s checklist. There is no need to buy a used mobility scooter.

Free Buyers Checklist

When comparing different scooter manufacturers, we guarantee to have the lowest prices, saving you money.

Three wheeled mobility scooters are dangerous, particularly outdoor and on uneven ground. Big Mike’s only sells four-wheeled mobility scooters for greater stability and safety.

Tyres filled with air are more comfortable than solid tyres. They work better on uneven pathways and the larger tyre is safer than the smaller tyres that can get caught in gutters when crossing the road. All our scooters have larger pneumatic tyres that our competitors.

We guarantee that our prices are the lowest when you are looking for a mobility scooter for sale. This is possible through the cost-efficient way our company is structured and because we deal directly with the manufacturer, there are no distribution companies raising prices.

Inferior mobility scooters have cloth or vinyl seating which can be damaged easily in the harsh Australian environment. Don’t accept any less than the best – all Big Mike’s scooters come with premium leather seats with a high backrest, and headrest.

In Queensland, the maximum speed is 10 km/hour. All our mobility scooters for sale are pre-programmed to follow this speed and not exceed it. Many competitors do not make this essential adjustment.

We provide a two-year limited warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on all other parts, including batteries. This is a sign of our confidence in a quality scooter that’s maintenance free.

Our awnings are extra wide to block the harsh sun, and our rear bags are made from quality material. Our range of accessories include solar panels for charging on the go and the regular favourites like walking stick holders.

If you buy a used mobility scooter, even if it looks fine, you run the risk of the expensive task of replacing batteries, brakes and often motor parts. It might be initially cheaper, but scooters that are out of warranty do cost more. Big Mike’s only sells new mobility scooters.

We’ll bring the scooter store to you! Try our most popular models – ranging from off-road mobility scooters to portable mobility scooters to find one that meets your lifestyle. Always trial a scooter in and around your home, not in a retail shop.

If you’re hands are not as strong as they use to be, make sure you select a scooter with an electromagnetic braking system. Many competitors have cable brakes, making it hard to engage. All our scooters use state-of-the-art electromagnetic braking systems that are safe, reliable and easy to use.

Our manufacturer continues to win international awards for outstanding quality, design and innovation. They are leaders in the industry with a growing presence in over 70 countries.

Our mobility scooters use PG Drive controllers, a robust system built in the UK and rugged enough to handle Australia’s varied weather conditions. It’s the world’s most popular on-board computer, used in millions of vehicles like scooters and forklifts.

Our mobility scooters are ergonomically designed to allow you to adjust them to your comfort. A used mobility scooter might not be the right fit for you, and that’s uncomfortable.

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