Mobility scooters can go up hills depending on the climbing grade of the particular model. There are a range of maximum climbing grades available with our mobility scooters from 14 to 20 degrees. We want you to be able to access all your favourite locations in your local area. Assessing your needs enables us to match you will the best mobility scooter to meet your needs.

Maximum Climbing Grade

The Summit K2 has a maximum climbing grade of 14 degrees. Our A30 compact, A40 small, A50 medium and A70 large mobility scooter models have a climbing grade of 15 degrees. Our A90 deluxe mobility scooter has a maximum climbing grade of 20 degrees.

The maximum climbing grades of our mobility scooters enable you to travel around most locations. If you are unsure if a mobility scooter will be able to access a location in the North Queensland region give us a call. We provide free in home demonstrations so you can try out some of our range of models to see if they meet your needs. Accessing your local area and needs enables us to provide you with a mobility scooter which will be the best match to meet your needs.

Motor Power

The motor power of your scooter also plays a role in navigating hills on your mobility scooter. Our A40 small and A50 medium mobility scooters have a 400w motor which is great in hilly suburbs. The A70 large mobility scooter features a more powerful 800w motor and the A90 deluxe mobility scooter boasts the most powerful motor out of all the models at 1400w.

Free In-home Demonstrations

Our free, no obligation, in-home demonstrations in and around the Townsville region. Or if you are living anywhere in the North Queensland region give us a call and see what we can do for you. We can always drop by and show you some of our most popular models for sale. So, what happens at a demonstration? Firstly, we talk about your requirements to understand more about where you want to travel, how far you wish to go and what are the conditions of where you are going. This ensures we can match the right scooter for you.