Social isolation can have negative effects on mental and physical health. Feeling isolated socially may increase risks of insomnia, mental illness, high blood pressure, dementia, negative feelings, self-harm, substance misuse, illness or weight changes.

Seniors and people living with a disability have been identified as being more at risk of social isolation. Seniors can experience social isolation when living alone and not being able to participate in activities they enjoy due to illness or mobility and access to transport. People living with disabilities can experience isolation socially when they have limited opportunities to access social activities or transport and access issues when attending events and community activities.

Mobility scooters can help to prevent social isolation by providing access to social activities and participating in community events and programs. Being unable to get around can really make it difficult to engage socially. Mobility scooters have many benefits for their users and can transform an otherwise dependent, isolated lifestyle by helping people get out and about on their own. You can use your mobility scooter to shop, spend time at the park, visit friends or run errands close to home. With your mobility scooter, you can navigate the shops, throughout your neighborhood and other locations on your own, giving you more opportunities to stay socially connected with your family, friends, and community.