One of the important considerations when choosing a mobility scooter to meet your needs is how far the scooter can travel per charge. You may only need to travel a block down to the shops and back. Or you may want to be able to roam around the shopping centre for hours while you shop. You may want to travel across town to visit the beach, the river or a park. Or you might want to navigate across suburbs to visit a friend or family member. Wherever you want to travel and use your mobility scooter considering the range per charge enables you to travel to your destination and return home safely.

Calculating Distance

Using printed or online maps you can calculate the distance to and from your destination. Keeping your mobility scooter fully charged between uses and regularly maintained enables you to get the full usage capabilities from your mobility scooter.

Range Per Charge

The TG100R pull apart mobility scooter range per charge is up to 18km. Our TG400R deluxe mobility scooter has a range of up to 35km per charge. The TG400RS luxury mobility scooter can go up to 40kms per charge and the Summit K2 can travel 45km per charge. Our TG600RS terrain response mobility scooter can travel up to 45km per charge and the TG900RS modern mobility scooter has the longest range per charge of up to 75km.

Battery Maintenance

Several factors affect the range of your mobility scooter including battery maintenance. For the best care of your batteries we recommend that you charge your mobility scooter between every use. If you are away leave your scooter on charge to ensure the batteries are maintained while you are away.