Safety & Maintenance

Our service technicians and staff at Big Mike’s will go over your new scooter in great detail with you upon delivery of your new scooter. And should you ever be unsure about something on your scooter or just want to brush up again, either give us a call or come and see us at one of our showrooms and we are always happy to assist you.

Road Rules

Mobility scooter users are classified as pedestrians. This means you can go anywhere a pedestrian can go including footpaths, shopping centres, and nature strips. But that also means that you should:
• Use pedestrian crossings or lights where possible
• Try to stay on footpaths
• Only use the road when absolutely necessary
• Be aware of other pedestrians around you

Safe Use

Scooters are mostly intuitive to use, but in case you’re having some trouble, we are there to help. At Big Mike’s we offer a comprehensive training session when the scooter is delivered, and we provide you with a certificate of competency once you have been trained. Some common issues that arise include:
• Stopping and starting on hills
• Navigating ramps and gutters
• Maintaining good visibility
• Knowing the limits of the scooter


We recommend you service your scooter, usually at least once a year, but depending on how often you use it and how gently you treat it. At Big Mike’s, these tune-ups usually take an hour or less and can be done in your home or you are welcome to have it done at one of our showrooms and enjoy a great coffee or cup of tea whilst you wait for it. Our scooters come with a comprehensive Owner’s Manual that gives a good overview on how and when to look after your scooter for maximum performance.


Keeping the charge of your batteries topped up means they last longer. Both the charger and batteries come with your scooter. If you get a lot of use out of the scooter, you will need to replace the batteries after 2 years, provided you charge them each time after use. So make sure you factor in a charging point that’s convenient and easily accessible. It’s always important to make sure the batteries are matched to the scooter and to the charger. Using the wrong batteries or charger will reduce range and life, and may damage the electronics. At Big Mike’s we not only sell the scooters but also the correct batteries of your scooter as well.


While rare, theft of mobility scooters does happen, particularly from the home or shopping centre. A few things to keep in mind:
• Use a chain, u-lock, padlock or immobiliser when the scooter is not in use
• The steering on many scooters can be locked. Use this feature if possible
• Always remove the ignition key
• Make sure you know the serial number of the scooter (At Big Mike’s we keep a record of your scooter and can always assist you with this, should you require)

How can Big Mike’s Assist You?

At Big Mike’s, we have a large range of mobility scooters to suit all needs and preferences – you can check them out at one of our showrooms. The best way to figure out which scooter best fits your specific needs is to have a chat with one of our staff. We pride ourselves in what we do and the products and service we provide. We believe we are the best in North Queensland and we think you will believe the same after you have come to see us.