Frequently asked questions answered about mobility scooters

Here are some questions we typically get asked:

How much do they cost?

Brand new scooters have a price range of around $1,500 to $9,000. Second hand ones are cheaper. Give us a call at Big Mike’s or come into one of our showrooms for a friendly chat and see our great scooter range. All our new scooters come with a full 12 months warranty and your first service is free. Or come look at our second hand, fully refurbished scooters which all come with 3 months warranty and also the first service is free as well.

Do I need a license?

No, you do not need a licence.

Do I need to register my scooter?

If you live in Queensland, yes – it’s free. Other states do not require registration. Here at Big Mike’s we will assist you in your registration process, once again making your new scooter purchase hassle free and enjoyable.

Can I drive on the road?

Yes, but if there’s a good footpath then you have to use it. The law deems a scooter driver to be a pedestrian, so the rules are the same for both. We don’t recommend you driving your scooter down the middle of the road either.

What about hills?

Some scooters can climb very steep hills, others can’t. It’s important to choose a scooter that fits the terrain. Our friendly staff at Big Mike’s will assist you in making the right choice for your scooter.

Are there weight limits?

Yes, every scooter has its own weight limit. These are typically between 100 – 160kg, but can be as high as 225kg. Terrain must also be taken into account. Is it hilly or flat where you want to use it?

3 wheels or 4 wheels?

The turning circle of 3 wheel scooters is a lot better, but some people feel that scooters with 4 wheels offer greater stability. In reality, each is about as stable as the other.

Can I take it on a plane or boat?

Fold up portable scooters are available at Big Mike’s and we can help you with making the right choice. Some scooters can be taken on a plane provided the battery is less than 300 w/h. The battery must be removed and taken on board as hand luggage. Our friendly staff at Big Mike’s can show you how easy this is. Most cruise ships welcome folding portable scooters.